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Please email your resume to: (phone calls will not be accepted)


Our success is directly tied to the passion and drive that our team members bring to our clients and the professional advisory firms we collaborate with. That’s why we take great care in selecting who we bring into our team since we are truly welcoming them into our family.


We look for team members who are committed to building the Wealth & Legacy Group brand and living the values our founders, Chad & Danielle Reyes started many years ago.


This career opportunity provides the right person with tremendous opportunity to grow within our organization.


The right fit candidate would be someone who lives and embraces the following values:


Life-Long Learner – We expect our team members to continually strive to improve daily since our clients and strategic partners deserve this level of commitment.


Intentional - We expect our team members to be purposeful and laser-beam-focused with the utilization of their time, projects, and tasks for the betterment of our clients and strategic partners.


Stewardship - We expect our team members to be respectful and responsible in managing the relationships which they will be entrusted with.


Team Work - We expect each team member to constantly focus on improving their communication and building trust with each of their team members, clients, and strategic partners.


Excellence – We expect a spirit of excellence in all that we do. We are not looking for perfection but certainly a spirit of excellence since nothing else will be accepted.


Non-Attachment - We expect each team member to do their absolute best work without being attached to the financial compensation received.

Role: Business Coordinator




  1. Completion of appropriate life insurance applications

  2. Following through on every aspect of the life insurance underwriting process from start to finish

  3. Coordinating meetings with Senior Wealth Strategist, client, and their advisory team

  4. Support the team from an administrative perspective as it pertains to business development such as sending out information to the potential client and our strategic partners (CPA, Wealth Manager, Trust & Estate Attorney, or Family Office)

  5. Supporting the senior Wealth Strategist from an administrative perspective as it pertains to putting together spreadsheets to present to the client or strategic partners

  6. Supporting the Senior Wealth Strategist from an administrative perspective as it pertains to gathering the appropriate information which is needed to serve our client and strategic partners

  7. Addressing client servicing requests as it pertains to life insurance policy management which typically is integrated with the client's estate and business planning objectives If the following area of giftedness and skillsets resonates with you, you may be a good fit for this position.


Production Efficiency | MAINTAINING ORDER You are action-oriented and motivated to get things done. Your hands-on and practical approaches get you involved in productive activities where hard work and determination pay off. You are the classic "doer" and you can be counted on.


Human Development | HELPING PEOPLE You are a caring person who wants to help people to help themselves. Because of your compassion and service orientation, you respond to the developmental needs of the people around you – be it to comfort, counsel, or teach.


Strategic Decisions | MANAGING PLANS You want to make important decisions. Your capacity to see the big picture and to develop logical and effective strategies positions you to manage and advise professional enterprises. Effective planning helps you solve problems.


Societal Change | INFLUENCING OPINIONS You care about things that affect society. Because of your concerns, you want to involve yourself in issues, make statements, and communicate your ideas to effect changes and influence opinions toward the common good.

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